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At BeWellLine, we care

Simply put, BeWellLine is dedicated to making mental health care, life guidance, and community-based counseling available to everyone across California, free of charge. Finances are no longer an obstacle to getting help.

Our unique approach to care combines practical advice with peer companionship. We believe in the power of community and in the success that you will find with our counselors. More importantly, we believe in you.

An Alter Health
Group Company

BeWellLine is an Alter Health Group Company. Alter Health Group specializes in the care and treatment of behavioral and mental health issues to help people live full, happy lives. Anyone can thrive with the right support. And, every day we commit to proving this idea.


To fulfill the objectives of this CalHOPE initiative, Alter Health Group will continue to service CalHOPE Connect to provide chat-based support and the BeWellLine to provide voice-based support, but it will also leverage its Mindfuli platform to provide free ongoing virtual peer counseling services through video conferencing as well as voice and text communication.

The Mindfuli virtual care platform also enables peer counselors to refer help seekers to higher levels of care as needed, connecting them to a personalized mental health provider in minutes.

Outcomes by Category

At BeWellLine we help in anyway we can. No matter what you are going through, we are here to help. Check out our success rates on helping people feel better.

Substance Use/Abuse
Health Concerns
Housing & Homelessness
Suicidal Ideation

At BeWellLine, we’re helping

Anyone can thrive with the right support, and we commit to that belief every day.


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At Bewellline, Our Mission is to Provide a Wide Range of Resources That Support All People to Feel Better About Their Mental Health

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